Kʒːlu - 3 Records - Jimmy Hendrix, Pharcyde & Pharoah Saunders and Floating Points

Kʒːlu, the guise of Cork based composer and multi-instrumentalist Patrick Hatchett  takes up the VVV challenge of choosing '3 Records' that tickle his fancy!

THE RULES: Choose one record from his formative years, one of his favourites of all time, from anytime, and one of the most recent records that has caught his ear... Fire away Patrick!

Record 1. Rainbow Bridge - Jimmy Hendrix

This is where I confess to my love of Mark Knopfler's guitar playing and owning a  large collection of Dire Straits cassettes..both true but no.  No it's so hard to pin down but being a guitar player at heart my feelings for Jimi Hendrix are deep.

The one record of his that goes a little under the radar is the ‘Rainbow bridge’ soundtrack. And in particular the track ‘Pally Gap’  was really important to me.

A massive straggly hippy  jam track that I could play along with and wig out for hours. It opened doors to improvised, instrumental music in a way that a spotty, guitar wielding teen could understand and connect with.  

Record 2. Bizarre Ride to the Pharcyde - Pharcyde

Always struggled to learn, remember or recite  lyrics. I’ve played in bands for over 10 years and still not learnt the words to the songs. Its a really bad look as a musician.... I do though remember large swathes of this album but only when its on mind.

 It was such a big record that soundtracked so many parties, clubs, trips  that its deeply ingrained. Like all the great Hip Hop production (De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Jdilla, Gangstar etc)  of the time, the samples opened doors into new realms of Jazz, Funk, Soul and Soundtrack music that I would never have come across if I hadn’t listened to these groups. 

This record  still sounds so great and I love that this 90’s sound is popular with my sons generation now. Also famously introduced us to the concept of bagging on each others mums!

Record 3. Promises - Phaorah Saunders, Floating Points

Ok this is a fairly easy one. Like so many people out there I was ‘floored’’  by the ‘Promises’ record Phaorah Saunders and Floating points. I’d been hearing of its creation for a while but from the opening chord I realised it was more than I’d bargained for. 

Wow!  The way the record unfolds for you is a thing of beauty and I highly recommend making time for this listen. Get some well positioned cushions (in the stereo sense), get horizontal, dim the lights and swim in its gorgeousness! Saunders phrasing speaks through the ages, the analogue synths weaving through time and space and the sinfonietta string arrangements are so so good. All exquisitely captured.

A beautifully constructed and profoundly moving record.

Words by Patrick Hatchett 

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