Renée Reed - 3 Records - Kate Bush, The Beatles & Juan Wauters

Renée Reed takes on the Vinyl Vinyl Vinyl '3 Records' challenge telling us about 3 Records that have a special place in her life. One record from her early life, one of her favourite records of all time, from anytime, and one of the most recent records that she has fallen in love with.

Renée is talented singer-songwriter hailing from Southwest Louisiana who we first heard when Mr Tom Ravenscroft gave her song 'Ashes' a spin on his most excellent BBC 6 Music show  and, we simply had to find out more and explore her music further.

Renée Reed - Renée Reed Album Cover Artwork


Her debut self-titled LP, released on Keeled Scales, quickly become one of our very favourite records of 2021. The album is a collection of great songs with Renée's captivating voice and guitar playing at it's heart set to cajun infused soundscapes.

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Without further ado , take it away Renée...

Record 1. The Dreaming - Kate Bush

My dad is a huge fan of Kate Bush, and he would play this particular record quite often while I was growing up. I remember listening and dancing to it in the mirror a lot, and pretending I was Kate Bush (I still do). Each of her records has made a huge impact on me, but this particular record definitely shaped my creativity and open-mindedness towards musical experimentation. 

Record 2. Rubber Soul - The Beatles 

The Beatles were always played around the house while I was growing up, and I really love every album of theirs, but Rubber Soul was the record that really pushed me to start learning the guitar and writing my own music.

Record 3. La Onda de Juan Pablo - Juan Wauters

This is an artist I only just discovered a few months ago, and I absolutely fell in love with this particular record. It's entirely sung in Spanish, and I would describe the music as very colorful, warm, and full of life. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes the blending of traditional folk musics with alternative influences.
Renée Reed - Renée Reed Black VinylRenée Reed - Renée Reed Gold Vinyl

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