Loscil - 3 Records - Kronos Quartet, Abul Mogard & Tomaga.

In the inaugural post of our '3 Records' series Cellist and Composer Julia Kent chose loscil's Monument Builders as one of her favourite records of all time from anytime.

A lovely tweet from loscil followed thanking Julia for including the record in her choices and also showing a mutual love for another of her choices - Nomeansno.


So we were giddy with excitement when loscil agreed to take up the baton from Julia and share his '3 Records' with us. One record from his formative years, one favourite of all time from anytime, and one that has captured his imagination in recent times.

For those of you out there who don't know, loscil is the magical electronic/ambient music project of Scott Morgan from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

We are trying our best to stock loscil vinyl in our little shop but it's difficult to come by! Mainly because it's great and has a dedicated following! We hope to have news on that soon...

In the meantime may we recommend that you get your hearing apparatus on to loscil's latest release 'The Sails p.2' on bandcamp and available to stream on your preferred service!

loscil The Sails pt.2 - Album Cover Artwork

So without further a-do... Take it away Scott!

Kronos Quartet – Black Angels

You could say this album was discovered in “part 2 of my formative years” while I started university in the early 90’s.  This was a time of great exploration for me as my musical world - once limited to punk, indy rock and pop - opened up wider to modern composition, improvisation, jazz, electroacoustic music and the like while at school.  

There was a listening library at the school which was such a great resource and it was filled with rarities and gems mostly of the 20th century classical tradition.  I discovered so much music in there but the work of George Crumb, who unfortunately passed away earlier this year, truly expanded my musical universe.  

This Kronos Quartet album which includes their rendition of Crumb’s Black Angels is so immense.  Listening to it was the first time I can say I experienced modern, aleatoric composition as something more than just “scary” (thanks Kubrick).  It is haunting, for sure, but beautiful and mysterious in its darkness and complexity.  

Abul Mogard - Above All Dreams

All the Mogard albums are great at capturing a kind of brooding, grinding otherworldliness but I return to Above all Dreams most often.  I love the sinking sensation and dirge-like repetition of these pieces.  They take you to some far-away dreamworld which we all need once in a while.

Tomaga - Intimate Immensity

Tomaga is a relative recent discovery for me and Intimate Immensity has been played many times over the last year.  It’s been a joy to discover the work of Valentina Magaletti and sad to learn of the passing of the other Tomaga founding member, Tom Relleen.  
As an ex-drummer I’m always keen to hear music that is essentially ambient but incorporates rhythm from outside the dance music norms.  This record represents a perfect balance of this kind of sound.  Rhythmic and alive, playful, groovy but with rich depth and meditative dimension.  A lovely listen I’m sure I’ll return to often.
Words by Scott Morgan
loscil - Scott

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