WU-LU - Loggerhead - Limited Edition Green Vinyl 12" LP

Artist: WU-LU

Label: Warp
Cat no: WARPLP342I
Release Date: 08/07/2022

WU-LU - Loggerhead - Limited Edition Green Vinyl 12" LP

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South Londoner Wu-Lu’s stunning new album contains post-genre war dubs that speak directly to these richly troubled times. The twelve simmering tracks from the producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist are made of depth-charged post-punk, thrashed-up skate-park screamo, and the gauzy hip hop that Knwxledge might make if he’d got lost round the back of The Windmill on Brixton Hill.

It’s laced with revvy, ethereal guitars that warp and loom like electric pylons, concrete walls of bass that power out of drill-influenced, triplet-laced drums and piano melodies that pull you through. It teleports between Factory Records in the darkest 1980s and classic albums from DJ Shadow or early ‘90s Slipknot. Loggerhead pulls from the past and reshapes it for now.


A1. Take Stage
A2. Night Pill Feat. Asha
A3. Facts
A4. Scrambled Tricks
A5. South Feat. Lex Amor
A6. Calo Paste Feat. Léa Sen

B1. Slightly
B2. Blame
B3. Ten
B4. Road Trip
B5. Times
B6. Broken Homes





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