William The Conqueror – Maverick Thinker - Limited Edition Transparent Green Vinyl

Artist: William The Conqueror

Label: Chrysalis Records 
Cat no: BRVC6
Release Date:  05/03/2022

William The Conqueror – Maverick Thinker  - Limited Edition Transparent Green Vinyl

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William The Conqueror have paid their damn dues. Like the sportsman cutting chipped teeth in the lower leagues before shooting to the very top, this band have lugged all the amps, placated the inhouse sound guy for an easier life, their nails dirty, their hair unkempt. Enough. Except it’s never enough, because despite their slinky, swampy, razor-sharp, blues-drenched, guitar thrashed alt. rock songs that form new album ‘Maverick Thinker’ and suggest that the door is opening for bigger rooms and broader audiences, it’s those sticky basement bar stages where the songs have always shed a skin and come alive. The record put the three piece behind the glass at Sound City Studios in LA, treading the same carpet as the likes of Nirvana, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, and Fleetwood Mac and they might well have inhaled the spirit of them all. William The Conqueror’s protagonist is Ruarri Joseph who knows his way around a melody and a verse. Joseph’s wryness suggests life just ain’t plain sailin’ and he fizzes that sigh and lament into something that breathes heavy with heart and with soul. 

Track Listing:
1. Move On - William The Conqueror
2. The Deep End - William The Conqueror
3. Alive at Last - William The Conqueror
4. Jesus Died a Young Man - William The Conqueror
5. Quiet Life - William The Conqueror
6. Wake Up - William The Conqueror
7. Fiction - William The Conqueror
8. Suddenly Scared (24 Storeys High) - William The Conqueror
9. Reasons - William The Conqueror
10. Maverick Thinker - William The Conqueror

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