The Cinematic Orchestra - Every Day - Limited Edition Translucent Red Vinyl Triple LP

Artist: The Cinematic Orchestra

Label: Ninja Tune
Cat no: ZEN59XX
Release Date:  24/03/2023

The Cinematic Orchestra -  ' Every Day ' - pressed on limited edition translucent red vinyl triple LP. 20th anniversary edition released on Ninja Tune.

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At a time when the chill out thing substitutes blandness for maturity and mainstream dance music seemed to be searching for its dummy again, J. Swinscoe's Cinematic Orchestrareturned to blow all our expectations.

Back in 1999, the group's debut record "Motion"set critical tongues wagging with its unique take on modern dance music production techniques and the sheer visual energy of its sound. The group returned with a follow-up which is deeper than the ocean, packing a tremendous emotional punch, by turns mournful and celebratory and with a rigour that is so often lacking in contemporary cut and paste.

Across seven sweeping, dramatic tracks, the group take you on a journey through classic soul, jazz, choral pieces, sinking horn riffs, throbbing harp b-lines, minimalism and more. All imbued with a contemporary edge and an intellect that keeps things as far as is possible from lazy wallpaper wank. And with guests of the calibre of Fontella Bass (the writer and performer of '60s soul masterpiece "Rescue Me" and member of free jazz renegades the Art Ensemble of Chicago) and Roots Manuva (whose contribution to "All Things To All Men" involves the kind of lyrics that stay in your head for weeks), you know that you're in for something special.

So sit back, close your eyes and be prepared to enjoy the latest home movie from J. Swinscoe and his associates. It's anything but everyday…

The Cinematic Orchestra - Every Day - Vinyl Tracklisting


  1. All That You Give (feat. Fontella Bass)
  2. Burn Out


  1. Evolution (feat. Fontella Bass)
  2. Man With The Movie Camera


  1. All Things To All Men (feat. Roots Manuva)


  1. Flite
  2. Everyday


  1. Oregon
  2. Horizon (feat. Niara Scarlett)


  1. Semblance
  2. Flite (Original Version

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