Spiritualized | Songs In A&E | White 180g Vinyl Double LP


Artist: Spiritualized
Label: Sanctuary Records
Cat no: BMGRM0116LP
Release Date: 26/05/2008

Spiritualized ’s sixth album Songs In A&E gets its first repress since its original release in 2008, spread across two slabs of white vinyl. Coming five years on from their 2003 album Amazing Grace, Songs In A&E features a set of straightforward but nevertheless often eerie rock’n’roll, gospel, and country songs. The album was recorded after mainstay Jason Pierce spent an extended period of time in intensive care after contracting periorbital cellulitis with bilateral pneumonia, with the near-death experience granting the album its title.



  1. Harmony 1 (mellotron)
  2. Sweet Talk
  3. Death take your fiddle
  4. I gotta fire
  5. Soul on fire


  1. Harmony 2 (piano)
  2. Sitting on fire
  3. Yeah yeah
  4. You lie you cheat


  1. Harmony 3 (voice)
  2. Baby I'm just a fool
  3. Don't hold me close
  4. Harmony 4 (the old man...)
  5. The waves crash in


  1. Harmony 5 (accordion)
  2. Borrowed your gun
  3. Harmony 6 (glockenspiel)
  4. Goodnight goodnight

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