Michael Kiwanuka | KIWANUKA | 180g Double Black Vinyl 12" LP


Artist: Michael Kiwanuka
Label: Polydor
Cat no: 7795277
Release Date: 01/11/2019

KIWANUKA is the follow-up to Michael Kiwanuka's number 1 album, 'Love & Hate', released back in July 2016, that resonated broadly both critically and in the public's affections, netting the British musician his second Mercury Prize nomination and his second and third BRIT nominations too. Recorded in New York, LA and London, Michael returned to the studio with Danger Mouse and Inflo, the same production team that combined so magnificently on 'Love & Hate'. 'KIWANUKA' finds a new assuredness in Michael's writing, and takes the basic sonic blueprint of that last record to a dizzying new realm.

Track Listing:

1. You Ain't the Problem
2. Rolling
3. I've Been Dazed
4. Piano Joint (This Kind of Love) Intro
5. Piano Joint (This Kind of Love)
6. Another Human Being (Interlude)
7. Living in Denial
8. Hero
9. Hard to Say Goodbye
10. Final Days
11. Interlude (Loving the People)
12. Solid Ground
13. Light

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