Kʒːlu | Kʒːlu | Limited Edition Black Vinyl 12" LP

Artist: Kʒːlu 
Label: Creeping Curtains Records
Cat no: N/A
Release Date: 26/03/2021


A globally inspired search for a connection and commonality; wild nights dancing, the wild characters amongst us, the innate wildness of my surroundings’.

Cork based KƷːLU (curlew) explores the exquisite feeling of solitude and reflection in nature against the energy and kinship of a frenetic dance floor with a stacked sound system.



Artwork by @bettybhatchett

All banged, hit, plucked, stroked, tweaked, twisted, programmed and mixed by P.Hatchett.
Cockfight (The main) - co-written with Idris Rahman on flute. Also features Justin Grounds on Violin.
Ridgewood - Features Seán Mac Erlaine on Bass Clarinet.


Side A

    1. Kush on Anon

    1. Luciferin

    1. Cockfight (The Main)

Side B

    1. Corliu

    1. Arc Of The Rising Sun

    1. Ridgewood

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