Julia Kent - Temporal - Black 12" Vinyl LP Includes Album on CD

Artist: Julia Kent

Label: The Leaf Label
Cat no: BAY 106V
Release Date: 25/09/2019

Julia Kent - Temporal - Black 12" Vinyl LP Includes Album on CD

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Julia Kent’s Temporal is a meditation on the transitory and fragile nature of existence.

Much of the music that comprises the album was originally written to accompany theatre and dance productions. “The initial inspiration was more external than internal, in that many of these pieces began as a response to a text or a choreographic concept,” Julia explains, “but they all seemed to be coming from the same emotional world and it made sense to weave them together into a record.”

After the threat of violent release on previous album Asperities, Temporal’s relationship to the physical world manifests itself in a more organic, human sound. The electronic manipulations are subtler, with Julia sampling voices from a theatre production and processing them into unrecognisable textures: ghosts of the source material. “I included the processed voices to acknowledge the genesis of the music and also because I wanted to incorporate vocals in a way that turned voice into texture, and blurred the lines between sonic elements.”


1. Last Hour Story
2. Imbalance
3. Conditional Futures
4. Floating City
5. Sheared
6. Through The Window
7. Crepuscolo


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