Jaws The Shark - Another Day In Paradise - 12" Vinyl EP


Artist: Jaws The Shark
Label: Nice Swan Records
Cat no: NSWN052
Release Date: 04/03/2022

Jaws The Shark - Another Day In Paradise - 12" Vinyl EP

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Jaws the Shark release a four track 12" EP on Nice Swan. The EP was roduced by Theo Verney (Fur, Feet, Lazarus Kane, English Teacher). Crashing into life with a fuzzed out bass riff and scuzzy guitars that provide the grinding diesel-powered momentum throughout, Lead cut Still Young is a cathartic call-to-arms. It’s a paean to accepting past mistakes and regrets without letting them define you, or cloud the possibility for future resolution.

Discussing these themes Jaws the Shark stated: “Still Young is basically a track about self analysis. It’s pretty much saying not to be too critical of ourselves overall and not to dwell on the past, but to remain positive that where there is a past, there is also a future, and that’s exciting. That we’ll never be too old to make positive changes. The self analysis aspect can be heard when I detail some of the things that I like 'Nevermind' (the album by Nirvana) and a glass of water, a cool breeze in the heart of summer”. This is saying, this is me, here I am, these are the things I like and I’m ok with that. But also that I’m still young enough to be able to change parts that I’m not too happy with about myself.”

Side A

Another Day In Paradise

Cold Feet

Side B

Erase Myself

Still Young

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