James Heather - Invisible Forces - Purple Vinyl LP


Artist: James Heather
Label: Ahead Of Our Time
Cat no: AHED034
Release Date: 22/04/2022

James Heather - Invisible Forces - Purple Vinyl LP

Contemporary pianist and composer James Heather announces his second album ‘Invisible Forces’ out on the 22nd April via Ahead of Our Time, Ninja Tune founders Coldcut’s first record label. Influenced by the sensibility of electronic, ambient, orchestral and post-rock music but channelled through solo piano and his classical and jazz grounding, the album follows the release of the critically acclaimed ‘Modulations: EP2’, released in 2021.

Heather’s new album is about becoming aware of invisible forces around us to help deepen understanding of self and our connection to the world, from tuning into the natural world and getting lost in its patterns and energies to gaining more knowledge around ancestral lines such as the concept of epigenetics. It’s about looking that bit deeper into things, into areas that are not instantly visible but are all around us to achieve this. “Composing these songs gave me an anchor to feel more present in life after some troubling times and sent me on a journey to rediscover a kind of wonderment with the world. I hope the Invisible Forces universe will bring warmth to other people too.”



  1. Meant To Be 
  2. No Time Limit To Grief 
  3. In Your Spirit 
  4. Balance 
  5. Ultraviolet 
  6. Forgotten Cities 
  7. Invisible Forces 
  8. Ancestral Future Now
  9. Beginnings 
  10. Hidden Angel 
  11. Immortal Beloved

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