Domenique Dumont - People On Sunday - Black Vinyl 12" LP


Artist: Domenique Dumont
Label: The Leaf Label
Cat no: BAY 127V
Release Date: 13/11/2020

Domenique Dumont - People on Sunday available here on Black 12" vinyl. We also have copies of the limited edition white vinyl available here.

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People On Sunday is an original soundtrack to the 1930 silent film variously known as Menschen am Sonntag, Les Hommes le Dimanche and People On Sunday. The film is a key work of interwar German cinema, based on a screenplay by Billy Wilder.

Part documentary, part fiction, People On Sunday follows a group of characters going about their business in Weimar-era Berlin over one weekend and shows normal life in Germany before dictatorship.

Domenique Dumont was invited to compose the score for a special screening and live performance at the Les Arcs Film Festival in the French Alps in December 2019.

“Working on this score strengthened my belief that the time we currently live in, although far from perfect, might be the best time to be alive. All the bells and whistles, all the advantages that we have the opportunity to enjoy in the 21st century, are things people couldn’t have dreamt of only a hundred years ago. At the same time, we haven’t yet transformed away from our sense of humanity. As absurd and optimistic as it may sound, we are living in a utopia compared it to what came before and, perhaps, what is to come. Somehow this movie made me think of the present more than the past.”

Released on The Leaf Label on November 13th 2020 the limited edition white vinyl of only 700 became available on January 15th 2021.


Pitchfork - 'Soft, gentle, and sparse, his music is imbued with a quiet sense of wonder.'

Louder Than War - 'Domenique Dumont creates a hauntingly evocative electronic soundtrack for People On Sunday, a landmark silent film from 1930.'



  1. Arrival
  2. Gone For A Wander
  3. Sunshine in 1929
  4. Water Theme (Le Château de Corail)
  5. We Almost Got Lost
  6. Falling Asleep Under Pine Trees


  1. People On Sunday
  2. Merry-Go-Round
  3. Running Down The Hill
  4. Rituals
  5. Watching Boats Pass By
  6. Back To Everyday Life
  7. Everyday Life

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