Danny G & the Major 7ths - The Lookout - Limited Edition Yellow Vinyl 12" LP

Artist: Danny G & the Major 7ths

Label: Hipdrop Records
Cat no: HR-100
Release Date: 08/01/2021

Danny G & the Major 7ths - The Lookout - Available here on very limited edition yellow vinyl 12" LP.

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Danny G is one of the founding fathers of Irish neo-soul. Debut Love Joints (2014) introduced a smooth, throwback album of personal songs & warm harmonies. With the help of producer Ken McCabe (Wolfhound Sound) the sound has evolved to become deeper, richer, more mature - evoking the classic neo-soul artists of the 2000s. The Major 7ths are a team of top funk and jazz players, including past or present members of Hozier, Niall Horan, Loah, Fehdah, Mary Coughlan, Zaska, Sive, Ensemble Eriu, Paj, Selk, and LaGracia.

Danny says:

"I have spent the last 5 years, on and off, making this album. It is completed and will be released digitally in January. Making an album is expensive. There was once a time when I thought it would never be finished, and that's why you'll recognise some of the songs. We released a few as stand-alone singles. But they were always intended to be part of this album. There are 11 songs altogether and 16 musicians in total contribute their talents. The above is a mockup of how the vinyl may look (it hasn't gone to print yet).

The reason why I'm doing pre-orders before the album has
 gone to print is a financial one. If enough people pre-order the album, I'll be able to afford printing it. If not, I won't be able to put up the costs myself. So think of this as kind of a fund-it campaign. Except you'll have a beautiful looking vinyl by the end of it. I promise you that it sounds fantastic. Ken McCabe of Wolfhound Sound has done an incredible job mixing my indulgent triple tracked vocal takes into something sonically rich and satisfying to the ear. It will be pressed on 180g yellow vinyl with Irish company Dublin Vinyl."



  1. Believing ft. Grainne McCarthy
  2. When It All Runs Out
  3. Say When ft. Osmojam
  4. Little Rose
  5. Say When Reprise (a tribute to D'Angelo)


  1. Good Things Interlude
  2. Good Things
  3. Call Me
  4. Time The Healer ft. Fehdah & Zaska
  5. He Won't Understand
  6. Stay Home

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