Caitlin Rose - Own Side Now - Limited Edition Deluxe Cloudy Clear Vinyl Indies Exclusive - BONUS 7"

€20 €25
Artist: Caitlin Rose

Label: ATO Records
Cat no: ATO0570LP
Release Date:  01/10/2021

Caitlin Rose - Own Side Now - Available here on 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Deluxe Cloudy Clear Vinyl Indies Exclusive - With Bonus 7″, Printed Inner and Hologram 80’s Style Sticker. Housed in Gatefold Sleeve.

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Nashville’s Caitlin Rose will celebrate the 10-year anniversary of her debut album ‘Own Side Now’ with a deluxe, fully remastered version of the record, due out on Cloudy Clear vinyl lp with Bonus 7” October 1. Rose released ‘Own Side Now’ in 2011 to instant acclaim from critics, who praised her crystal-clear vocals and her ingenious lyricism – equal parts heartbroken and defiant – and compared her to her musician heroes Stevie Nicks and Linda Rondstadt. The album also features two unreleased bonus tracks – “Only Lies” and “Whatchoo”.

Nashville in 2010 was a time and place bristling with potential. Before the coastal dailies and culture mags had declared our town an “it city” — before rampant development was putting tall-and-skinny new-builds on every block and courting out-of-towners with mixed-use nonsense and vapid murals.

Nashville has long been characterized by a sort of underdog spirit, and in 2010, that spirit was in full display at DIY punk venues, run-down honky-tonks and hole-in-the-wall dives. Over in East Nashville’s Lockeland Springs neighborhood, a handful of us lived in a century-old home that we called Holly House. Even more of us gathered there, musicians and artists who decided to form a collective of the same name, a half-dozen or so bands hopping on shows together, playing on each other’s records, calling meetings as an excuse to drink beer and talk shop.

Most of those bands are long-gone, but not Caitlin Rose. Then as now, Caitlin — my roommate and fellow Holly House member — shined bright as a songwriter and performer.

I first started seeing Caitlin play when she was around 16 or 17 years old, toting her guitar and tambourine to house shows and public parks and an all-ages punk venue downtown called The Muse, which has since been replaced by a Domino’s Pizza. I came to know her as “Cato,” a funny, brainy little weirdo with an outsized voice and ferocious collection of brilliant punky folk songs. I remember a question that would pop up from people in the crowd at various points throughout her performances, without fail: “Is this song a cover?” Caitlin was making songs that were so good, so memorable, so emotionally mature, that folks couldn’t believe they’d been written by a teen. I always grinned when I overheard someone asking the question.



1. Learning To Ride
2. Own Side
3. For The Rabbits
4. Shanghai Cigarettes (Ft. Rayland Baxter)
5. New York


6. Spare Me (Fetzer’s Blues)
7. Things Change
8. That’s Right
9. Sinful Wishing Well
10. Coming Up

Bonus 7″:

A. Watchoo (Bonus)
B. Only Lies (Bonus)

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